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The #1 Source for Your Leveraged Finance Intel.

Jump to the forefront of finance with up-to-the-minute reporting on everything from loans to high-yield bonds, and private credit to CLOs. Experience the stories as they unfold, from the first whisper of a deal to the final hammer of the gavel. We deliver news, data and research on new deals, people moves, earnings and more within the leveraged finance market. Our team fills in deal minutiae and broader market trends with color from high-level, long-standing relationships.

Key Features

Decode Market Movements with our Unmatched Breaking News Coverage, Unrivaled Database & Deal Directory.


Market colour and analysis, along with insights from partner services CreditSights and Covenant Review on new issues. Focus on key terms, credit quality, relative value, and covenant quality.

Key Trends

Our Trends & Analysis delves deep into the heart of the markets, offering you a lens through which to view the subtle shifts and seismic changes that shape the financial landscape.

Deals Pipeline

Keep your finger on the pulse with our detailed pipelines and calendars – continuous updates on M&A activities, new issue and shadow issue pipelines, repayment schedules, plus corporate news and earnings releases. 

Market Wraps

Sharpen your strategy with our incisive weekly and monthly reports, spotlighting crucial market trends and developments.

Transaction Listings

Identify opportunities and compare transactions from 1,000+ Structured Finance transactions and 250+ special situation credits.

Interactive Leverage Tool

Slice and dice LFI’s leverage statistics using customizable filters like corporate structure, rating, industry, and borrower size.

Extensive Database


Examine lead arrangers for institutional deals, including sponsored and unsponsored transactions, and which arrangers and sponsors are most active. 

Our Private Credit Offering Coverage

Our best-in-class reporters provide an unparalleled level of insight and clarity, equipping you to navigate this often-opaque market.

LevFin Insights presents an unparalleled Private Credit suite tailored for the US and EMEA markets, featuring targeted insights from our expert reporters. Our concise weekly and monthly analyses, along with specialized US datasheets, capture the full spectrum of private credit transactions, refinancing trends, and multi-billion-dollar deals.
Through our partnership with Lincoln International, we provide exclusive access to critical private credit data, ensuring that our clients are equipped to make knowledgeable, strategic decisions. LFI’s offerings surpass ordinary market intelligence by serving as a vital tool for investors who aim to understand and navigate the intricacies of the market. ​
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Delivery Methods

Discover unparalleled access and integration with our diverse range of delivery methods, designed to cater to your needs. 

Online Platform

Comprehensive covenant analysis, providing detailed information on key covenants and identifying loopholes that put covenant implications into context, breaking down legalese into plain English. 

API Feed

Streamline your workflow with our API feeds. Automated and tailored, these feeds ensure that our insights are seamlessly integrated into your internal systems.

Mobile App

Stay informed wherever you are with our mobile app, designed as the perfect on-the-go companion for professionals who demand excellence and seamless functionality right at their fingertips.

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