Covenant Review

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Covenant Review is the undisputed authority on bond and loan covenants. Our research supports groups including investment, restructuring/advisory, risk, private equity, strategic planning, capital markets, legal and more with perspectives on the rights of creditors as seen through the eyes of experienced practicing lawyers.

The Authority on Bond and Loan Covenants

25+ Expert Lawyers
16 Years of Research
5,000+ Bonds/Loans
1,400+ Issuers

Informed Decisions

Access comprehensive analysis via a fully-featured research platform, plus lawyers with extensive covenant experience.

Data Tools

Tools to compare covenants, analyze precedents and trends for lenders and borrowers, and Covenant Review’s proprietary Documentation Scores to assess risk in documentation.

New Issue Research

Complete analysis of offering memorandums, term sheets, and credit agreements, as well as thorough updates on final terms and substantive amendments.

Event Driven Research

Our event-driven research helps you understand complex covenant language, assess likely risks and the potential impact on creditors.

Your needs. Our coverage.

Holistic and comprehensive event driven research that details market trends, competitor activity, and likely investor pushback.
Detailed library of analysis on 5000+ bonds/loans and 1,200 issuers.
Thorough research reports on new issuer transactions that provide clear overview of covenant package.
Documentation Scores more than 1,200 individual deals in the US and EMEA.
Timely coverage of nearly every new issue in the market – and ad-hoc secondary market reports at client request.

Our Expert Lawyers

Our 20-strong team of expert lawyers with an average of 15 years of legal experience cover every new issue of USD 250m+ in the market – with analysis of the term sheet available within 24 hours after release, follow-up analysis on the draft credit agreement, and updates on the final agreement.

Now Available: Enhanced Data Delivery Options

Covenant Review now offers API connectivity and an Excel Add-In for seamless access to its most coveted analysis and proprietary data of the US Institutional loan market. Clients can leverage and efficiently apply these enhancement tools to their workflow.

What is an API?

  • An Application Programming Interface (API) is an intermediary that allows two systems to speak to each other.
  • Through Covenant Review’s API, you can customize your content and experience our expertise the way you need to receive it.
  • Our API is simple to integrate into multiple system types.

What is an Excel Add-In?

  • An “Add-In” is an Excel-based delivery method to provide additional functionality to consume our data.
  • Through Covenant Review’s Excel Add-In, you can customize your content and make information available when you need it, directly into your spreadsheet.
  • Our Add-In solution will make your workflow more efficient and maximize overall value.

How does the API work?

Content Creation

Legal Insight

Document Analysis

Market Intelligence

Global Repository
Client Systems

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