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Our suite of quantitative risk models providing measures of company-level short- and medium-term credit risk.

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Navigating the complex credit markets requires access to the right tools, information and insights. Today, the world’s financial decisionmakers rely on our market-leading CreditSights Risk Products to better manage risk.

When it comes to analyzing and assessing credit, our opinions, ratings and credit-risk models are based on a transparent and logical approach. Our risk products have been thoroughly back-tested and proven to produce accurate, early warnings on potential defaults and rating movements.

We combine the best aspects of equity-style (Merton) models and fundamentally derived (Altman) models to produce our three cornerstone risk product outputs:

Comprehensive and Predictive

A one-year forward probability of default, BondScore is an important tool in your analytical arsenal. A powerful way to leverage these credit risk estimates on 4,800 firms is to integrate them with our Credit Quality Score. We offer these medium-term quantitative ratings on 5,400 firms.
Monitoring multiple portfolios, reviewing new debt issues, and screening for mispricing has never been easier.

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Get Ahead of the Action

Save time and resources with Fallen Angel Score, our proprietary estimates of the likelihood of a downgrade from investment grade to high yield.

  • Stay ahead of ratings moves with our date-driven predictions
  • Keep your pulse on more than 500 BBB-rated credits
  • Narrow your focus to issues based on their score
  • Rely on our easy-to-understand scores (very low, low, moderate, high, very high)
  • Avoid any capital charges or forced selling due to investment-grade mandates
  • Avert wider spreads and greater volatility that go along with high-yield crossovers

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