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Discover a comprehensive range of risk solutions that empower you to generate alpha and avoid default. We provide you with the tools to help monitor, manage and mitigate risk effectively within your portfolio.
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Insightful Tools and Data.

CreditSights Risk Products provides quantitatively-based assessments of credit risk updated daily for more than 30,000 companies globally, enabling you to avoid defaults, anticipate rating transitions, and identify trading opportunities and areas of concern. 
Streamline Your Workflow

Create and monitor multiple watchlists, use our Dashboard to spot trends and concentrations in credit risk within your portfolio and drill down to view underlying issuers.

Extensive Library

A global database that can be filtered by specific criteria such as rating, region, industry and risk. Detailed company pages that display current and historical risk data for credit issuers.

Easily Accessible Data

Receive email alerts on material changes in model outputs on target names, use our API, Excel-add-in and data downloads to integrate data into your own tools.

Our Methodology:

Risk Products leverage metrics that are relevant to each issuers’ industry using fundamental and equity market information to drive our models; we enforce objectivity by maintaining broad consistency across sectors and regions. We then combine these multiple data inputs to produce our three cornerstone outputs:
A near-term risk model that produces a 1-year forward probability of default.
A medium-term assessment of credit risk that has proven to be an effective leading indicator of agency rating action.
A predicted likelihood of a BBB-rated issuer being downgraded to high yield over the next 12 months.

Proven Results:

Credit Risk Estimate provides a one-year forward probability of default, with an accuracy of 94% in predicting corporate defaults one year ahead.
Credit Quality Score is a medium-term assessment of credit risk, an effective leading indicator of agency rating actions, anticipating 89% of ratings downgrades.

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Risk Products was designed for the credit professional, providing the ability to effectively monitor large credit portfolios while also generating new investment ideas.
We stand as your trusted ally, equipping you to understand, manage, and mitigate risk effectively.
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