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A Cross-Sector View of the EV Revolution

Date: June 29, 2021
Presenters: Matt Zloto, Andy DeVries, Andrew Brady, Andrew Moulder, Brian Studioso, Charles Johnston, Hitin Anand, Jake Leiby, Nick Moglia, Olu Shoyoye & Wen Li
Autos EV


CreditSights believes that Electric Vehicle adoption has reached a tipping point in 2021 where consumer, OEM and governments are now aligned to push vehicle electrification towards significant growth over the coming decades. We discuss how this trend impacts six different sectors: Autos & Auto Suppliers, Metals & Mining, Exploration & Production, Refiners, Midstream Energy and Utilities. These sectors account for nearly $1.7 trillion of US Index debt and more than €500 billion of EUR Index debt and account for a material portion of each index.


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