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Meet Bixby: Our New Edge in the BSL Market


In our latest podcast episode, we’re thrilled to introduce Brian Conroy, the founder of Bixby – a company specializing in the leveraged loan market and the newest member of the Fitch Solutions family. Brian shares his journey from the investment banking world to creating Bixby, a platform addressing the need for transparent information flow in private markets. He discusses Bixby’s growth, its near-complete coverage of the US loan market, and its expansion plans into Europe. Tune in to hear how Bixby’s data is revolutionizing the way clients approach the loan market and discover the synergy with CreditSights’ suite of products.


Winnie Cisar
Global Head of Strategy

Brian Conroy, the founder and CEO of Bixby Research & Analytics.

Brian Conroy
Founder & CEO, Bixby Research & Analytics

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