Global Sector Outlook Conference: Looking Past the Present

Global Sector Outlook Conference: Looking Past the Present

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The twists and turns dealt in 2020 have been a shared experience worldwide. As such, we took a different approach to our annual conference this year. We went GLOBAL. The integrated agenda highlighted our independent sector-focused expertise from analysts in all regions and across credit ratings.

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Sector presentations include:
Economics – Strategy – Autos – Airlines – Banks – Basic Industries – Consumer Goods – Energy – Healthcare – Leisure – Manufacturing – Media – Retail – Tech – Telecom – Utilities

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Featured Speakers

David Watts
Global Head of Research

Mark Chapman
President, CreditSights Europe

Pramod Shenoi
Asia Banks
President, CreditSights Asia


Chris Snow
US Head of Research

Glenn Reynolds
Co-Founder and US Strategy

Erin Lyons
US Strategy

Simon Adamson
European Banks
CEO of CreditSights, LTD.

Maryum Ali
European Consumer

Hitin Anand
US Autos

Eric Axon
US Healthcare

Andrew Belton
Global Building Materials

Paola Biraschi
European Banks

CreditSights Analyst Charlotta Chung

Andrew Brady
US Basic Industries

Oliver Burke
European TMT

Max Capel
European Banks

Luther Chai
Asian Corporates

Jordan Chalfin
US Technology

Charlotta Chung
US Legal

CreditSights Analyst James Dunn

Andy DeVries
US Utilities

Jim Dunn
US Consumer, Leisure

Josh Esterov
US Insurance

Brian Foster
US Medical Products, Tobacco, & HY Chemicals

James Goldstein
US Retail

Davis Hebert

Tom Hirst
European Strategy

Lauren Holland
Global Paper & Packaging

Charles Johnston
US Energy

Rohan Kapur
Asia Utilities

Puja Karia
European Banks

Neill Keaney
European Retail

CreditSights Analyst Roger King

Roger King
US Airlines

Larissa Knepper
European Banks

Inga Kolas
European Basics

Brayan Lai
Asian Corporates

Jake Leiby
US Energy

Andy Li
US Technology

Wen Li
Global Metals

Joel Liauw
China Technology

Patrick Luby
Municipal Strategy

Hunter Martin
US Media

Nick Moglia
US Utilities

Andrew Moulder
European Utilities

Mary Pollock
Global Telecom

Yustina Quek
Asian Banks

Lakshmanan R
Asian Corporates

Helen Rodriguez
European Consumer

Jesse Rosenthal
US Banks

Chris Seter
US Economics

David Shnaps
European Telecom

Brian Studioso
European Autos

Jason Tan
Asian Corporates

Ashley Taylor
US Media

Belle Yang
European Legal

Cheong Yin Chin
Asian Corporates

Matt Zloto
US Distressed