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Understanding the recent events surrounding Lumen (LUMN) requires investors to draw from a diverse range of expertise. Fundamental, legal, and special situations analysis are all critical inputs for a complete picture of a complex situation.
CreditSights provides a full spectrum of credit news and analysis so our clients can understand every angle of this developing story. Our team of veteran journalists, analysts, and lawyers together provide the information and insights credit investors need to spot and act on both opportunities and risks as they arise.
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The latest headlines delivered before anyone else, information on key players, and unique analysis from our journalists.
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Get the legal expertise needed to understand complicated transactions from a team of experienced lawyers.
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Recommendations, research, and extensive content from sector experts.
Understanding risks through CreditSights’ Special Situations research
Our team provides an assessment on liability management and risks of future events.

Complex issuers. Complicated transactions. Breaking developments.
All covered on one platform.

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