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As we prepare to roll out the New CreditSights, we highlight some of the new features coming to the platform. The Deals Pipeline features LevFin Insights’ extensive deal database, and is a must have for those running and participating in high yield and leveraged loan primary markets. Our clients can access all of the information you need to stay on top of the leveraged finance markets. We are pleased to bring this feature to our new platform and have all users be able to see our list of deals.

To use the new tool, simply go to the Deals Pipeline tab and click on Bonds. It will take you to a page that lists the indicative details such as Borrower, Deal Type, Expected Close Date, Price Talk, Sector, and the Issuer’s Country. For those subscribing to LevFin Insights, an expanded view shows Terms and Conditions, Deal Size, Coupon, Price, Sponsors, Lead Managers, and the UOP (“Use of Proceeds”). We provide information on call structure, agency ratings, and special features to note on the security.

Deals Pipeline on CreditSights

What’s On the Page?

There are plenty of filter options to narrow down your search for a particular deal type: by Company, Sector, UOP, Type, Issuer, Lead, Sponsor and Country.

If you scroll down, you can toggle various tabs to select deals that are In Market, Expected, Completed or any that are Hung. If you go back to the filters, you can narrow down the results for each of those deal stages.

Deals Pipeline on CreditSights

Additional details and terms are available to LevFin Insights subscribers by simply clicking on an arrow to expand the section.

Deals Pipeline Additional Details

How to Get Started on the New

We are excited to have you use our new platform which brings together CreditSights, Covenant Review, and LevFin Insights. If you would like to access to the Deals Pipeline and many other enhancements, reach out to your account manager or request a trial.