Frequently Asked Questions
Making the Most of the CreditSights Platform

Where Can I Setup or Manage My Preferences?

CreditSights allows you to easily add your coverage interests from different categories to view a personalized feed and email alerts that help you prioritize your workflow.

Typically, you will set up these preferences during your onboarding process, in just three simple steps: Select your role, what you are interested in, and then start adding issuers to the Watchlist.

You can always go back again and manage your preferences by clicking on the bookmark icon at top right and then selecting preferences, that takes you to the My Content page.

What Is the Frequency of Email Alerts?

In the tabs to the right of My Content you can view your preferences, add preferences, change the frequency of your email Alerts, and indicate if you want to view them in your feed or not.

    • Digest – effectively becomes your daily table of contents. Based on your preferences, each day we will email you a summary of articles for the category and preferences you selected.
    • Instant – select this option if you want to be notified immediately via email about an article we publish in that category.
    • None – select this option if you do not want to receive email alerts

What Names Do You Cover?

Company Search

We’ve integrated our search, surfacing not only companies, but relevant articles delineated by content source.

Use the Search bar in the top menu navigation of to look for companies by Name, Region, Country, Sector, Credit Grade, CS View, Currency and Coverage.

Want to Meet the Team?

Meet the Team

Teamwork is a hallmark of the CreditSights approach, allowing us to fully leverage the experience of our senior staff while benefiting from the innovation and fresh perspective that comes from our more junior team members. Click here to meet the team that makes CreditSights such a great place to work.

How Do I Use Bookmarks and Watchlists?

When you find an article you like, you can now save a bookmark for that content, providing easy access to all the articles you have saved. You click on the bookmark icon at the top right and go to My Content, where it will show all those saved articles. Just click again on the bookmark icon if you want to discard that.

Also, you can manage watchlists, which you can set to appear in your feed. Until now, the watchlists for CreditSights, Covenant Review and LevFin Insights have all been separate, but now you can manage many watchlists in the same place. There is a toggle button at the top right of the pane, where you can decide to view a particular watchlist in your feed, or not.

Want to Browse Our Full User Guide?

We have compiled a User Guide that should answer most of your questions about the new CreditSights platform, expanding on the topics found in this FAQ: Features, Navigation, Content, Onboarding Tips and Troubleshooting

Click here to access a pdf copy of the CreditSights User Guide.

Platform Features

What Coverage Is Available on CreditSights?

CreditSights’ website integrates Covenant Review and LevFin Insights into one united platform with a single login for a seamless user experience.

Our 100+ research analysts around the globe generate our award-winning research. Their local expertise, rich sector knowledge, and depth of market experience bring tremendous insight to our analysis of issuers, credits and key market developments.

Learn more about Coverage, Markets and Special Reports on this page.

What Are Feeds?

When you log in to CreditSights, you will immediately have access to several feeds: My Feed is your personalized view, while Global Feed is a macro view.

In either case you still see the content sets, broken down by section: Research, Covenants and News.
There are filters at the top of the pane to make it easy for you to then drill down by Region, Sectors/Subsectors, Credit Grades, Topics, Reports and Date.

When viewing a series of articles in your feed, there is now a preview pane on the right-hand side, so you can see if that is something that interests you, and from there you can simply click to view the full article.

What Is in Company Pages?

Company pages have been enhanced to combine financials, our relative value recs and opinions, risk scores, documents, upcoming events, deals, data and related research.

While there is a configurable layout, in response to client feedback, we have set a default in 3 columns, instead of the old 2 column layout, which enhances the information density with the latest news at center, a CreditSights view to the right, and then key metrics below.

Now, rather than just a general market view, you can drill right down to all the information specific to a particular company. You will see the overview, recently published content, broken down by content type, and then other information we have available, such as Deals, Events, Documents and Filings for that company.

Drop in your portfolio (there is no limit to the number of companies), this gives you instant access to the ones you most care about.

Your Active Coverage list is sorted alphabetically, you can narrow down your search by region, sector and grade type.

What Is CS View?

CS View is CreditSights Recommendation on issuers.

For investment grade and higher quality high yield names (BB universe and selective B), we express our company-level relative value recommendations on the scale of Outperform, Market perform and Underperform. These recommendations reflect our expectation of performance, measured in terms of potential for excess returns.

In cases where we expect a clear catalyst to drive performance, particularly high levels of trading volatility, or see specific substantial risks as the primary focus for investors, we use a Buy/Sell/Hold scale. Note that the use of Buy/Sell/Hold does not necessarily mean that a credit situation is speculative, but it does indicate the potential for near-term event risk or other catalysts. We tend to use Buy/Sell/Hold for distressed and stressed companies, names with a high level of idiosyncratic risk (e.g. volatile single B names) or for companies with bonds that are highly call constrained, as very short duration-to-call makes such bonds less comparable to the index sector or to similar companies.

For more information on CreditSights Recommendations, click here.

What Is the Deals Pipeline?

The Deals pipeline is a new feature on the CreditSights platform. Consider it a calendar view for the Terms and Conditions of the Loans and Bonds covered on the platform.

So, for example, click on Bonds, it takes you to a view with the Terms & Conditions, Deal Type, Deal Size, the UOP (“Use of Proceeds”) and OM (which is a public document).

Interactions and Events

Want to Attend Our Events?

Our slate of events offer direct analyst engagement and unbiased expertise. We look forward to welcoming you to one of the upcoming events, so keep an eye on our calendar and we’ll see you soon!

Click here to visit our Events page and see if there is an event that you would like to attend?

Can I Submit Questions Direct to Your Analysts?

Our 100+ research analysts around the globe generate our award-winning research. Their local expertise, rich sector knowledge, and depth of market experience bring tremendous insight to our analysis of issuers, credits and key market developments.

We encourage you to reach out to them if you have queries about our coverage and analysis. They will be delighted to talk to you, we appreciate your feedback and want to know what resonates with our subscribers.

When you are viewing the summary pane or an article on just click on the Ask an Analyst button to send them a message.


Why Can’t I Access Some Reports From Covenant Review?

Covenant Review creatively analyzes the indentures, credit agreements, and other contracts that determine creditor rights. Each of the Covenant reports in your feed is written by our team of lawyers.

Please note: to request access to private reports you will be prompted to submit an email to provide the term sheet and/or credit agreement.

How Do I Change My CreditSights Password?

Use the link on the login page if you forgot your Username or Password, and we’ll be able to send you a reminder.

You can also change your password within the platform by clicking on the User icon at top right and selecting your Profile. There you can scroll down to the Change Password section.

How Do I Get Help on the CreditSights Platform?

If you can’t find what you need, click on the button at the bottom right of your CreditSights screen to submit an inquiry. One of our team will get back to you.

If you are not a current subscriber, then please submit an inquiry here to request a trial.