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CreditSights Financials

Available to all CreditSights clients, CS Financials can be found on our company pages, under the “Financials” tab.

Our latest addition to the new CreditSights platform provides as-reported financials on nearly all the global bond issuers with public filings.

The Leading Voice on Global Credit 

  • Screen companies faster, allowing for more efficient decision making.
  • Paired with Covenant Review legal analysis and LevFin Insights’ news and data, gain a multi-perspective view of a credit.
  • Ability to audit the information, with in-cell reference to the source data in the filing.
  • Compliments CreditSights’ existing coverage of more than 1,200 companies.
  • Workflow improvement as full financial statements are available for download.
  • Global coverage of nearly all issuers in the Investment Grade, High Yield, and EM indices.

How We Do It

What’s Available

  • As-reported financials for more than 2200 issuers, with an additional 1200 to be added. Annual (5 years of history) and interim (3 years) statements.
  • Business description and segment information (geography, business line).
  • Download figures into excel, as well as the reference filing.
  • Source tagging of each number back to the document.

CreditSights Financials Coverage

Expanded fundamental and news coverage of special situations across the high yield and distressed markets.
Our dedicated special situations reporting team covers the most interesting and topical credits in real time. Don’t miss their breaking news and timely updates on the most important situations that move markets.

Our Coverage: Research & Financials

Coverage as % of Debt Outstanding

How To Access

Available to all CreditSights clients, CS Financials can be found on our company pages, under the “Financials” tab.

What’s New

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