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A Single Platform for a Holistic View

Special Situation investing is one of the most complex and specialized strategies in credit. Investors need to consider myriad factors including industry and sector dynamics, credit documents, legal proceedings, game theory and breaking news. Today, most of the important developments for the largest workouts and restructurings happen out-of-court and require navigating these complex factors before any bankruptcy filing occurs. Our Special Situations solution brings together the expertise of CreditSights, Covenant Review and LevFin Insights (LFI) to provide news, fundamental, and legal research in one place. In 2023, our new and improved website will combine Covenant Review and LFI into one platform with a single log-on, where you’ll be able to explore more granular critical analysis and data via a Special Situations page, and also to set dedicated email alerts to receive updates. 

Experience that you can Count on

CreditSights has assembled a seasoned team of Special Situations analysts, reporters and attorneys writing research and news that matters to the market. We regularly reach out to our clients and look for opportunities to meet to discuss what they need to know to manage credit risk. To that end, last week CreditSights, Covenant Review and LFI hosted an in-person panel discussion at Hearst Tower in New York focusing on the current landscape and future trends for Special Situations. Our panel provided thoughts on default rates and outlook. They covered key sectors and names moving in distress or potentially moving that way. Discussed key trends in covenants and the latest state of play on creditor-on-creditor violence.

We invite you to watch the panel replay, click here to access the recording.

Enhancements to Keep up with Special Situation Trends

In 2023 we’ll be making available downloadable models, recovery analysis, and detailed capital structures, along with all archived news and research. We expect to provide expanded coverage of Special Situations across the high yield and distressed markets. Additionally, we’ll be leveraging our sector analysts’ expertise, as we’re still investing in talent and building a team of deep dive experts across our regions.

So, stay tuned for more next year!