Transitory or Here to Stay?
Trends for 2022

Tuesday, December 7th at 3:00pm SGT | 10:00am GMT | 8:30am EST

CreditSights Dimensions: Transitory or Here to Stay? Trends for 2022

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Join the CreditSights team in taking a closer look at how investors, issuers and consumers adapt to the unprecedented emergence from COVID, and how we will change the ways in which we invest, borrow, and spend.

Our integrated agenda will highlight our unbiased sector-focused expertise from analysts in all regions and across credit ratings. Use this opportunity to interact with our analysts, and to hear how we frame the current investment landscape. Our Asia team will kick off the conference and hand the discussion over to our European and US teams.

Topics include:

  • Indian/Indonesian Corporates
  • China Spotlight
  • European Banks and Markets
  • Capital Preservation in an Inflationary World
  • Supply chain
  • Energy Transition
  • LBOs
  • Distressed/Private Credit
  • Municipals
Conference Agenda

Featured Speakers

Winnie Cisar
Global Head of Strategy

Chris Snow
Head of US Research

Brian Studioso
Head of European Research

Tom Hirst
European Strategy

Pramod Shenoi
Co-Head of Asia-Pacific Research

Sandra Chow, CFA
Co-Head of Asia-Pacific Research

Simon Adamson
European Banks
Head of Global Financials

Maryum Ali
European Consumer

Eric Axon
US Healthcare
Co-Head of US HY Research

Andrew Belton
Global Building Materials

Paola Biraschi
European Banks

Andrew Brady
US Basic Industries

CreditSights Analyst James Dunn

John Ceffalio

Luther Chai
Asian Corporates

Jordan Chalfin
US Technology

Andy DeVries
US Utilities

Jim Dunn
US Consumer, Leisure

Josh Esterov
US Insurance

CreditSights Analyst Roger King

James Goldstein
US Retail

Davis Hebert

Lauren Holland
Global Paper & Packaging

Charles Johnston
US Energy

Rohan Kapur
Asia Utilities

Roger King
US Airlines

Larissa Knepper
European Banks

Jake Leiby
US Energy

Andy Li
US Technology

Wen Li
Global Metals

Joel Liauw
China Technology

Lim Ze Hao
Asia-Pacific Banks

Patrick Luby
Municipal Strategy

Hunter Martin
US Media

Nick Moglia
US Utilities

Andrew Moulder
European Utilities

Adoo Narang
European Banks

Mary Pollock
Global Telecom

Yustina Quek
Asian Banks

Lakshmanan R
Asian Corporates

Jesse Rosenthal
US Banks

Jonathan Tan
Asia-Pacific Corporates

Matt Woodruff, CFA
US Aerospace and Defense, Transportation

Karen Wu
Asia-Pacific Banks

Belle Yang
European Legal

Zerlina Zeng, CFA
Chinese Corporates

Matt Zloto
US Distressed

Panel Speakers

Tony Canale
Global Head of Research
Covenant Review

Cedric Chehab
Global Head of Country Risk
Fitch Solutions

Tim Quinlan
Managing Director, Senior Economist
Wells Fargo