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Huarong AMC: Exit Plans for Some Non-Core Units

Euro ESG Primer: ESG, Easy As ABC

Strategy: A Cross-Sector View of the EV Revolution

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The US federal government is approaching the estimated deadline to raise the debt ceiling or risk a technical default. We discuss market implications & review close calls from the past decade in the full report: https://hubs.li/H0Xt5Yr0

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On tomorrow’s US Weekly Wrap James Goldstein, Senior Retail Analyst, will join to discuss what recent consumer economic data are signaling to investors, what these shifting trends mean for retail issuers, and more.

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We are excited to announce the hiring of a new Global Head of Strategy, Winifred Cisar. She joins the CreditSights team with more than a decade of experience in institutional research across the investment grade and leveraged finance markets.

CD&R's recommended bid for Wm Morrison contains some detail on the make-up and terms of the proposed debt financing of the LBO. We discuss the implications on current bondholders. Read the full report here: https://www.creditsights.com/articles/404858

Is there potential for significantly lower peak power prices? We take a look at three emerging battery technologies, notable public names, and current battery costs vs. forward pricing in the full report: https://hubs.li/H0X9Nkl0

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We suggest 6 attractive trade opportunities yielding above 4% within the Asia ex-China credit space, covering issuers across India, Indonesia and Thailand.
Read here for the full report: https://www.creditsights.com/articles/406646


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