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The recent sell-off has made perpetuals look cheap compared to fixed maturity bonds. We summarise the terms of 22 Asian corporate perps in this report and look at their spread movements over the past 1-2 years. Read more for our views here: https://www.creditsights.com/articles/481222

Valeo was in the market for the first time since July 2021, and issued a €750 mn, 4.5Y sustainability linked bond.

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We review our recommendations on Arkema and Solvay in light of their 3Q22 results, outlooks, and trading levels.

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We attended the Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Singapore 2022 Conference and BOC Aviation’s Investor Day in Singapore earlier this month. Read our key takeaways regarding the trends and outlook for the aviation leasing industry here: https://www.creditsights.com/articles/482215

Credit markets posted strong performance despite a deeply inverted UST yield curve and more hawkish talk from the Fed.

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