Covenant Review: Private Credit Offering

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Equipping you to navigate this often opaque market

Our offering provides comprehensive analysis on individual loans and benchmarks against our unrivaled dataset of private credit loans. Detailed reports are crafted by our team of expert lawyers, and highlight potential leverage and dilution risks that help you to make informed investment decisions.

We break down the complex

Our team decodes important financial definitions and covenant carveouts, and focuses on notable provisions and loopholes. We offer you the ability to identify trends, evaluate opportunities, and better manage your investments.

Stay ahead of the competition

We highlight potential opportunities and risk in your own portfolio by comparing to our market leading data base of private credit covenants, benchmarking against the market as a whole, segmented deals based on EBITDA size, and LTM broadly syndicated deals.


Our private credit solution covers direct lending, club deals and private syndication. We provide clients with a range of monthly reports, supplemented by quarterly custom portfolio analysis.

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Our Private Credit Solution empowers clients with insightful analysis, providing a deeper understanding of loan terms, risks, and financial nuances. This tool was designed to help clients navigate the complexities of private credit, making it an essential aid for sound financial management.

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