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Market Segments

Covenant Review provides comprehensive coverage across the leveraged finance market, including broadly syndicated loans, high yield bonds, investment grade, and private debt. Our expert team of lawyers diligently work to provide unrivaled access and thorough research in the levfin market.

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Key Features

Covenant Review is an all-encompassing resource, empowering users with the tools and expertise necessary to confidently navigate the financial landscape.

Primary Market Analysis

Comprehensive covenant analysis, providing detailed information on key covenants and identifying loopholes that put covenant implications into context, breaking down legalese into plain English. 

Secondary Market Opportunities

With a library of thousand of leveraged loan and high yield bond reports, have access to our comprehensive reports within minutes, with lawyers on hand to answer investor questions.

Event Driven & Special Situations

We consider the implications of key events under an issuer’s covenants, putting the puzzle pieces together for investors in a clear and comprehensive report.

Trendlines & Data

Reports on developments that matter most to investors, including on financial covenant headroom, documentary flex, and average new issue debt multiples.

Documentation Scores

Measuring the strength of the document in protecting lenders’ position with an overall composite score, that is derived from six sub-scores on a proprietary weighting scale.

Private Credit Offering

We equip you to navigate this often opaque market with comprehensive analysis on individual loans and benchmarks against our unrivaled dataset of private credit loans.

Delivery Methods

Covenant Review offers a variety of convenient delivery methods to cater to the diverse needs of our clients for a seamless experience.

Client Portal

Bespoke Bi-lateral Analysis

Email Alerts

Mobile App

API Feed

Excel Add-in

Navigate The Market Confidently

Jump to the forefront of leveraged finance with up-to-the-minute reporting on everything from loans to high-yield bonds, and private credit to CLOs. Experience the stories as they unfold, from the first whisper of a deal to the final hammer of the gavel.

Trend Analysis: Insightful Trends & Informed Investments

Navigate the financial landscape like never before. With access to an extensive array of over 1,000 Structured Finance transactions and special situation credits, our platform puts a magnifying glass on the market. Our treasure trove, packed with data from every new issue since 2016, ensures you’re poised to make informed decisions.

Document Scoring: Actionable Insights

Staying ahead in the fast-paced world of finance requires not just information, but insights. Our Trends & Analysis delves deep into the heart of the markets, offering you a lens through which to view the subtle shifts and seismic changes that shape the financial landscape.

Private Credit Offering

Covenant Review’s Private Credit Offering provides comprehensive analysis on individual loans* and benchmarks against our unrivaled dataset of private credit loans. Detailed reports are crafted by our team of expert lawyers, and highlight potential leverage and dilution risks that help you to make informed investment decisions.

Our team decodes important financial definitions and covenant carveouts, and focuses on notable provisions and loopholes. We offer you the ability to identify trends, evaluate opportunities, and better manage your investments.


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